Love is not about Religious Conversions..

No-one should ever convert religion for someone else. In fact, most religions do not look kindly on people who do, as this is clearly not your belief. The fact that you are questioning this also tells me you are definitely unsure about the situation.
I do believe people from different backgrounds and religions can make relationships/marriages work, but it is not without sacrifice, hard work, some suffering and outside interference. If you believe this comes down to you and your girlfriend, you are wrong. Families will be involved and even complete strangers will give you their opinion. Trust me, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was going to convert, I’d be the richest man on this earth..

Religion becomes a way of life. You need to consider if you are ready to take on a whole new lifestyle, not just religion. You should feel it and want to do it, not feel obliged.
I realize people do convert and it happens more than people realize. And I’m sure there are many happy long marriages. However there will always be a bit of resentment there, particularly if you feel you were obligated to do so. This is not healthy for your relationship.

If I had fallen in love with a devoutly religious theist, and that person with me, it would be for who we each are. If either were to convert for the sake of the other, that would mean we’d no longer be who the other fell in love with… so defeating the purpose.

The infatuation and even love can fade away if you are in constant conflict about how to firstly tolerate each other’s behaviour and especially how to raise your children.
Considering all the above fact somehow I feel If other person want me to convert to her religion, then she has not understood me. I repeat I respect other religion and I am ok my partner following her religion but please don’t put your religion on me. I am free bird, I will go with you to church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque but I will not convert to any religion. It means losing sight of your own faith and culture.

Please put a lot of thought into this decision. Your decision and actions will not only affect you and your girlfriend/boyfriend but will change your life. Be true to yourself and do what makes YOU happy.

Seeking Motivation is also Sign of depression..

Yaaaa!!! That really sound strange o Insane of me..

People would really going to call me mad o Anti Motivational,But that’s somehow my realistic experience yelling off inside me.

As we came across so many different people in our daily life schedule,I personally noticed everyone is pretending to be More driven towards Success O achieving their life Goals.For that Hardwork ,focussed mind and Luck(might b in some cases) plays important role in the life of every individual.

But most importantly to became a better version ourselves,we always luring for Motivation.

Motivation exist in numerous form just like candy bar shop where one can grab any candies of different flavours and Colors..We can also seek motivation in a Person who is always close to us O in any Form of hidden passion residing inside us.Its just like Something which actually makes us feel happy o to cope with strange life barriers..

I observed lots of aspiring humans who want to b successful And Powerful as famous personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Shahrukh Khan,Barack Obama,Christiano Ronaldo and list goes onn..

We normally follows their footsteps to be just like them.We attends lots of workshops, tend to chase their tiny small life activity just to b Successful.

Sometimes just to be as our Idol,we merely forget what we actually are..That’s biggest loophole in which our mind gets trapped,it makes us to forget our own self identity and hidden passions..

Once, these celebrities used to b normal individual or following basic daily routine life..They are not something like magical stars O made up of any divine powers.But what makes them successful is their self belief and self identity..

Its all about considering yourself as Central Giant Star of this entire Universe.

We tend to follow lots of motivational speeches by these famous personalities, repeatedly saying Hardwork,dedication and focus is key to their success..

Normally motivational speeches are full of big and Great words which makes us energetic and Happy for sometime..But it normally fades as time passes just like Slight dose of Drugs.

Motivation I personally believe is kinna of addictive which sometimes makes us to feel distractive.

Sucess is all about making the Right Move at Right Moment..

Just like infinite figurative finger prints o Strange DNA,we have Our strengths and weakness.People need to figure it out within ourselves rather Following Big Idols..

Fan is just like a bLind Version Of FaiLure.

Overdose and madly practicing any exercise always leads to depression O anxiety.Its all about find The Real Motivation Inside deep.

Inner instincts are your real source of motivation…

Its my personal experience, Person who always tries to motivate others O giving personal advice are somehow Depressed from inside.They are doing so that they can get that Virtual feeling of happiness for short span of time.

For me,self realisation is better way to b successful rather following Your idols.

I believe Truth Mirror really going to reflect Your’s own Self version of yourself..😊

Eternal Love In Kashmir Valleys…

Upcoming new post

Finally it’s time to try something new..Writing up adventurous story is kinna amazing experience for me..Finally I decided to share One of mY everlasting experience I have had in cold beautiful valleys of Kashmir.

Writing is the only way where we can create our own fictional word to reside in..

So stay tuned and keep on supporting My Beautiful freinds…

True Love

Turbulent waves across my heart’s Seashore,

Arrows out of Eros bow piercing my soul.

Deep eyes behind the Lustrous green valley

My breath fades as time starts to freeze.

Eyes like as fresh as Oasis,

Bold as Night Thunderstorms,

My heart feel like strangled Prisoner inside Lover’s cave.

Life become beautiful as Heaven,

Dream gets Real with contrasting colours.

Twisting paths and moulding ways,

Curve is flat,Snow-white shades.

Love is affection,Beyond society perception,

Ignorant to logical minds,

cluster of emotions with joyous Rides and Unbearable pain,

Rise and fall are simultaneous games.

Symbol of spirituality beyond Religious Barriers

Rare as Mirage in a desert.

Slippery as glass of frozen lakes

True reflection of person’s face.

Seeking it in a individual is hard myth,

Body and Soul are concious faith.

Fist fight with our ultimate creater,

Burning desires melting Large Glaciers.

Small moments are like millenium,

Slippery sands holding the momentum.

Love is blind, heading in deep astray,

Destination is beyond this dark Bay.

Eyes of Refugee with Bud of Hope,

Love is mystery,hard to unfold.

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The Awesome Impact Awards

Finally it’s great beginning to b part of the Awesome Impact Award.This is first time someone nominated me to do Awards on my WordPress blog.

Akshaya Thulasi you made my day.Among all my 100 followers,you were the first one who realistically reads out all my posts and inspired me to write more. At some point of life,We all need motivation and sweet Gestures to Keep on doing Good and Positive Work.As I am kinna of less active on my WordPress blog,Thts why I have much fewer posts on my blog as compared to other Great bloggers..It’s just like believing in maintaining a Quality Work..

Guys do checkout her posts as she is mind blowing blogger and awesome writer In our WordPress family

Am providing you link here – From My mind .

About the award :

This award ” The Awesome Impact Award” was created by Rad Gamer , an awesome blogger in WordPress .
This was created when he was sitting on his chair and was thinking about a post idea, at that point he came up with this. He thought that this Award would share a really good message and an awesome vibe to whosoever who sees it. Also thought that everyone has had a moment when their life was impacted in a good way; it may be a trip, a person or something else. So he believes that this would be a really motivational thing to do.

About the Nominator :

The daily motivational quotes shared via their blog are really inspiring.Do check out @Rad Gamer ‘s blog.

Do check out @Rad Gamer ‘s blog.

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About the positive thing in my life :

Sometimes Our Life and mind get actully stuck Up inside the walls of Comfort Zone Created.Thts what actully happening with me past months before.I was kind of suffering from Anxiety and Angers Issue which somehow spoiling my Relationship with my closeones at an extreme level. At some point of life,we do actully feel lonely and needy to make connections.Thts what I was seeking for where I Can speak out my mind and Thoughts jumping around inside of my head.Thts how I discovered my hidden passion for writing Good and Real Stuff. Reading and Writing actully enhances your Mind to be better Observer and Learner..My passion for writing made me a better person from inside.But I Always belive in the fact that creativity vanishes as Hobbey turns up Into Buisness..

Thnx WordPress community for providing me this platform to express my opinions and Wild Thoughts..

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