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Psychological Facts about Great Antogonist -The Joker….

Lust,greed,revenge and a hunger for attension are all compulsions,that can lead human being into life of crime.But The Dark Knight deadliest enemy is perhaps difficult to fathom.And to unlock his secrets requires a journey,into the ultimate heart of darkness.Of all the evil doers,none is more explosive or unpredictable ,homicidal nemesis known as Joker..

Introduced by DC comics in 1940.Joker intially had no back story. Over the years,the several version of his history have been written.Describing character’s maniacal metamorphosis.One involves a tragedy in which joker falls into a vat of chemicals

And became disfigured…

The accident not only changed his appearance,but also twisted his mind..

Most characters can justify the terrible things they do as “I am doing this for my family I am doing this because world hates me.

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical.They can’t b bought,bullied, reasoned o negotiated with.

Criminals are usually motivated by desire to gain greater wealth or to gain greater Power or to take some Form of deep Revenge.Clear motivation which is understandable,what promting their bahaviour.

But with the case of joker is different.He is not even necessarily after money o power or any sort of Traditional things..

Joker has agenda of Choas…

He believed in pychosis and Narcism,thats hardest evil to fight.Joker is the logical responce to character like batman..

They are dark reflections of each other.Both are highly talented and gifted at what they do.

Every Yin has a Yang

Every positive has a negative

Joker is complete raving lunatic.According to him,presence of random injustice means there is no justice..He is threatening the premise of Batman’s existence.Joker is the perfect opponent for the dark knight.An elemental force of Choas with supernatural charisma,planning and great luck..In the dark knight, joker didn’t have any origin story.

Evil is characterized by Radical Indifference to Good.. Joker destroys the good..

Madness is just like a gravity,it all requires a little push”

He wants to prove the fact,that everybody has a price,nobody is pure that even Batman can be bought or leverage which makes him compromise his principles.This story actually makes his character most terrifying and Relevant..

Antogonist must b powerful,as harder the struggle for Protogonist,more compelling the story..

“Create an opponent…who is exceptionally good at attacking your hero’s greatest weakness.”

John Truby

But joker doesn’t fear death,he actually wants batman to kill him so that he can break off his moral codes and ethics.

He knows the Batman’s morality takes the form of one rule,’he doesn’t kill people’.. The more Choas the Joker causes,the more people he kills,further he reaveLs that Batman’s morality codes can b his weakness.

Joker doesn’t only plan to beat batman,but to show Gotham it’s true colours by pressuring the Protogonist into different Choices..

“True character is reaveled in the choices a human being makes under pressure-the greater the pressure,the deeper the revelation,the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”


Joker proves to be ustoppable,always one step ahead of batman.Pressue on batman increases as people keep on dying.Joker forces Batman to choose between His Lady Love and soul of Gotham.For choosing Love,batman reavals he is unwilling to sacrifice for greater good of his city.But with the joker,things are never really that simple..

Batman is forced to face his True self.Joker is pressuring the Batman to reveal his own self identity..


They are both competing for the soul of Gotham..They aren’t competing for the survival of humanity.Batman resolve deepens because of Joker.

“All leberation affects good and evil equally.The Liberation of morals and mind Entails Crimes and Catastrophes.The liberation of law and pleasure leads Inevitably to the liberation of crime

The Dark Knight shines when the forces of antogonist grows on Protogonist.

Batman and joker are totally linked as they are different sides of Same Dark Coin..The pressure of antogonist made Batman to realise the fact that he has limits…

Joker is the not great Villian because of Insane laugh or Difficult asscent,he is great because he has profound and specific effect on the Protogonist..He is responsible for creative his own meaning.This is what happens

When a unstoppable force meets a immovable object..”


The word trend is nowdays playing important part in human life.It is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Everyone is that much influenced by the waves of trend so as to look more appealing, glamourous and stylish.

Earlier the word trend existed in stock market exchange as mathematical term.

But now it becomes utmost need in human life as it is a direct means of shear guidence leading them becoming best version of themselves..

Idolism and blindfolded trust forcing us to support poisonous leaders and Fake celebrities..

Existing trend carrying various parameters in every field like Digital and social platforms,Religious polygamy and even in individual social life.

But heading in flow of trend is actually making person to lose themselves..

We are totally bounded to follow and support system which our instincts anmolously keep on denying..High range manipulating tools causing us to sacrifice our morals and purchase thing which are unethically wrong..

Habits of self praising and dragging down our competitors got sticken to our gentical plates.

Playing a victim card and Narcism attitude making us so ignorant which tends us to weaken our critical thinking.

Mental frustration and greed of desires is responsible for criminal and unsound mind.

Following your passion is the only dose for keeping us happy and soundful sleep.

Instead of following a trend,one should learn to follow inner voice of soul which actually guides us on to a right track.

Focussed mind is essential and vital for our survival and true existence.

Productivity and creativity existed in the deep universe inside our subconscious brain,it’s all what require to keep on stimulating our brain nerves.

Rise out of the well of comfort zone just to feel that positive aura and white energy.

Never let your surrounding affect your personal space and peace of mind

Stand Alone to Stand Apart..

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Life is full of wonders,

Havoc of thoughts causing blunders.

Street paths full of crimson light,

Dew on the tip of a leaf shining bright.

Red moon behind the dark clouds,

Twinkle stars singing it out loud.

A bud of hope will unfurl fear,

Joyous colours will embue sights clear.

My universe stretch far beyond the heavens,

Deep instincts are like sheild from demons.

Hidden fervour running through my veins,

Swirl of rising greif causing pain.

Solo journey of oblivious mind,

Sight of pure love makes me spellbind...


Glittering stars behind the curtains of dark clouds,

Life originates as mystery with uneven doubts.

Spiritual and divine force controlling the nature,

Human acknowledged as God’s best creature.

Far beyond this mechanist and materlistic world, power of imagination ceases,

Ultimate becomes intimate,sands of time freezes.

Game of acquiring thrones and power of supremacy,

Great warriors dies in battle for legacy.

Varrying god’s for specific religion,

Still trying hard to get definite conclusion.

Rigid chains of traditions and customs,

Sick and exhausted soul with freighting symptoms.

Mark of socio-economic status on an individual’s face,

Work and profession assigned on the basis of race.

Idols claiming them as messenger or diety,

The Storms of communal violence are causing anxiety.

Evangelism as a result of misfortune and adversity,

Exclusive minds ends up judging huge diversity.

God is belief and one’s perception,

Illuminating light giving us power of discrimination.

Skating on the gigantic waves with joyful screams,

Life after death is like a resonating dreams..


The Soul Mate

My brain nerves starts tickling with the waves of emotions,

Graph of my heartbeat with uneven fluctuations.

Portraying your image under my imagination,

As a forming rainbow of sunrays reflection.

Boarding on the ship with eyes full of expectation,

Heading forward towards Aimless destination.

Dark ferocious nights before the dawn,

Night angels leading my path wearing the crown.

Milky sparkling water whooshing out of rocks,

Fresh aroma coming out of sandal blocks.

Cold breeze around the seashore,

Chasing marks of your footprints like never before.

Holding your hands in the middle of sky,

Showers of asteroids discovering the way we fly.

Lost in the deep Sea of your eyes,

Holding the moment as time flies.

Clusters of stars in the galaxy,

Dancing fireflies with high frequency.

Magical aura playing it’s Role,

Finally find out the reflection of my soul.


The Lost Boy

When alarming storm waves comes across his way,

heart started beating out of fear in the middle of bay.

Learning the art of controlling fear,

Measuring the depth of passion his heart can bear.

Sustaining wounds and patches all over his body,

Streams of dark blood writing up his story.

Trapped soul inside the cage,

Sensation of burning flames of rising rage.

Bruished skin and bulging eyes with hope,

Adversity and pain he needs to cope.

Life is like running a marathon with competitive souls,

Breaking off barriers and focussing his goals.

Allowing destiny to play its role,

Raising him up to come out of tht dark hole.

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