Evolution of Feminism

Feminism is basically defined as advocacy of women right to fight for equality.

Feminists movement have campaigned and continue to campaign for women rights, including the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to receive education, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage, and to have maternity leave.

So feminism is basically known as to fight for gender equality.

Hurdles on Woman’s shoulder.

During the early years of this country, women were not entitled to the same rights and privileges as men. Women were not allowed to vote and were usually required to surrender control of their property to their husband upon marriage. Moreover, their educational and occupational opportunities were severely limited. It was commonly believed that a woman’s place was in the home, raising children and tending to domestic affairs.

Women were actually entitled as an entity just to please and subdue Man’s comfort.

During the early stone age, work and task assigned on the basis of the comfort level of a particular gender. But as soon as human nature and society evolve, well pattern rules were forced on a particular gender as a basic stereotype.

As there is an uprise in human greed, desire to gain more wealth and power or position also fluctuations which somehow creating circumstances to fight Great wars.

Wars needs more soldiers, as a result of this, Women becomes a production factory to give birth to more child which can fight a battle.

Modern Era

The highly educated women actually demanding equal rights for Women in work field as gender discrimination lasting long from ages.

Feminism is all about choice but every choice brings definitely some consequence.

Feminism is driven by the economy, as some industries using it as a tool to improve their sales market.

Feminism is a similar version of Capitalism.

Somehow, I agree with the fact that Women economic equality is good for business.

Feminism is basically where women can take their own decisions.

Stereotype of feminists

Battling stereotypes like Feminists Don’t Wear Pink, not to wear make-up, or shaving their legs or liking boys.

Having interviewed a diverse group of young women for my research, I found an association of the term “feminism” with man-hating, lesbianisms more lack of feminist was a key factor in rejections of the level “feminist”

The majority said that they did not want to call themselves feminist because they feared they would be associated with this traits.T he was despite many stressing they were not homophobic and some identifying as lesbian or bisexual.

Arguably, as a society, we should do more to challenge narrowly defined expectations of how women should look and act.

Working harder to make this movement more inclusive could mean that feminism speaks to the experience and concerns of diverse groups of women.

Misrepresentation of feminism

But in the modern age, where some women actually taking Feminism as a tool to misuse against the opposite sex.

Smoking in public, Drunken abuse, dating multiple partners are nowadays regarded as a new form of feminism.

Section 498A, dowry law is responsible for uncountable male suicide in a country like India.

Just because there is a presumption that hatred and revenge can make someone feel like Strong Independent Woman.


Real Version

Feminism basically stands for fighting against any form of Gender Discrimination and molestation.

It’s basically making women more capable to be independent enough so that she can take own actions in a responsible manner.

But to make my point, it’s not always necessary that Working women only can be called feminist, the one who responsibly handling household work(Homemaker) is also feminists.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of Feminism

  1. Feminism actually means advocating for the equality of women with men in the contemporary society. Yes feminism is misinterpreted sometimes as hating men but that is just stupidity of some people. I am a feminist and I don’t hate men, my father is a man and I love him. So it isn’t about that. It’s just a fight for equality.

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